To ensure that our esteemed customers are provided with all transparency in terms of our product quality, we are regularly audited by different certification authorities.


Fairtrade is the world’s biggest social certification system. Fairtrade as an alternative approach to conventional trade offers producers/farmers of developing countries the opportunity to improve their lives and working conditions sustainably.


IP Suisse

Since 1989, IP Suisse has been awarding prizes to products of the highest quality and unadulterated enjoyment that are produced in an animal-friendly and environmentally friendly manner. With their certified farms, farmers in Switzerland actively promote biodiversity. In this way, we secure the basis for healthy food in the future.

Bio Suisse

Bio Suisse organises and manages the development of the bud and organic farming in Switzerland. Since its foundation in 1981, the umbrella organisation has grown into THE organic organisation in Switzerland. The Bud, the brand name of Swiss organic producers and their organic products, guarantees compliance with Bio Suisse guidelines and thus a very high standard of organic production throughout the entire agricultural enterprise and the upstream and downstream sectors.

Aus der Region

This quality label is a genuine mark of distinction for regional specialities. The quality label is only awarded to specialities that meet very strict requirements. These specialities are produced by innovative means that combine ultra-modern production methods with the respect for a tradition handed down over generations. The result is a mix of old recipes and recent rediscoveries that are a joy for the eyes, the heart and the palate.

since March 2005 this label guarantees consumers a product that is a genuine speciality of authentic quality.

Ordinance on the designations "mountain" and "alpine pasture".

Regulation on the use of the designations "mountain" and "alp" for agricultural products and foodstuffs produced therefrom.



Ein HCS-Zertifikat wird weltweit als Garantie für professionelle und glaubwürdige Zertifizierungen der höchsten Qualität anerkannt. Die Kollaboration und gemeinsamen Beiträge von erstklassigen Wissenschaftlern, sowie juristischen und religiösen Gelehrten von der ganzen Welt, stellen die Halal-Garantie der gesamten Wertkette eines Produktes sicher.


We can supply products with Kosher certification. “Kosher label” certification guarantees the traceability of a product by the effective presence of a controller who monitors the entire production process.

“Kosher label” is an independent and impartial body. Its certification criteria are drawn up by a competent Rabbinic authority.

It is strictly forbidden to consume any product or derivative that may have been subjected even to a minimal mixture of milk with meat.


A declaration you can rely on. The European V-label is a transparent declaration of vegetarian and vegan products. So you can see immediately whether a product is vegan or vegetarian.

Bio Inspecta

In our daily work we are very concerned about organic farming as well as ethical and social issues. The bio.inspecta label has guaranteed the credibility of organic products since 2005.

Bio.inspecta and q.inspecta support farms and companies in the food industry such as Swiss Alpine Herbs AG in their efforts to achieve sustainable development and strengthen their market position.

FSSC 22000

FSSC 22000 certification covers all processes in the food chain that affect the safety of the final product. It specifies the requirements for a comprehensive food safety management system as well as the integration of GMP/GMP, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) elements.