The first step towards quality assurance - procurement of quality raw materials

In spite of the market volatility, we have been successful in ensuring the supply of our raw materials from the most fertile areas around the world. This in turn enables us to procure top quality raw materials for our products. It is of paramount importance that we exercise profound knowledge of the environment, the legalities of the food industry, the technical know – how that comes with experience and above all opting for the finest suppliers. The latter is established by measuring the quality, reliability and production possibilities. Our ability to invest in long term partnerships with our suppliers is an added advantage in procuring the right materials.   

Lasting partnership with the producers

Thanks to our personal and long-standing cooperation with the dried fruit and nut producers and beekeepers around the globe, we are able to access and relish first-class, hand-picked and natural raw materials. In Switzerland, these are then processed with care so that they develop their full, typical aroma on the table and on the palate.

Leonardo Calluan
Agrícola Kaulen Westermayer | Graneros sexta región | Chile

Handling of Raw Materials

Our producers are in line with our requirements and are also aware of our high-quality standards. The raw materials usually arrive in Switzerland by ship or truck, which is then our team of experts – many years of combined experience in the field of detailed analysis of agricultural products - takes various samples from the honey and dried fruit for detailed analysis.  The primary objective is to ensure that the size, external appearance, freshness, moisture content and chemical, bacterial and physical values are in line with tolerance standards. This analysis guarantees that only products that meet our strict requirements are then processed.
Owing to constant monitoring of the entire production process in accordance with HACCP standards, we are able to offer our customers flawless products that meet the high standards of the Swiss Food Ordinance.