Nature and an intact environment are our greatest asset. Both must be protected.

Narimpex is involved in various sustainability projects out of conviction. One of these commitments is the project "Promotion of organic beekeeping among the indigenous population (Maya) and maintenance of biodiversity in Mexico. The Yucatàn Peninsula is an important honey sourcing region for our high quality nectaflor honey, which is why we have decided to become involved in this part of the world.

Since 2016, the project has been implemented in cooperation with EDUCE, a cooperative that has been established in Mexico for many years, with the following objectives:

  • Promotion of organic beekeeping among young beekeepers in Mayan communities (Mayas are the indigenous population of the Yucatán) on the Yucatán peninsula
  • integrating and consolidating young people's roots in their community. promoting a culture of partnership
  • Livelihood security through employment and regular income
  • Combating rural exodus among young people
  • Preservation of the centuries-old ecosystem of the fragile and unique landscape of the Yucatàn Peninsula


Introductory workshops and courses at various locations on the Yucatàn Peninsula provide interested young Mayans with basic knowledge of beekeeping according to organic standards and strengthen the cooperative spirit of EDUCE.


Personal guidance and technical support


Some voices of the young Mayan up-and-coming beekeepers on the EDUCE project

  • Beekeeping has interested me since childhood, but I never had the opportunity to learn anything about it, now I can do it.
  • meaningful work that does not harm the environment...
  • I can feed myself and my family on beekeeping.
  • we're learning to keep bees in a way that keeps them healthy...
  • I would like to define my future through beekeeping, become part of an important organisation thanks to the project and share knowledge with others...
  • I want to preserve the forests...
  • I can continue a traditional activity...