Stop Food Waste


Enjoy great produce sustainably instead of throwing it away

Too small, too crooked, too big, overripe or too much? What actually happens to Swiss fruit and vegetables that do not meet the visual quality standards for retail sale? Often, they are thrown away or left lying in the fields, even though they are of impeccable quality and taste wonderful. Around a third of all food is lost en route from field to plate. This is where our idea of sustainability comes in: under the motto "Stop Food Waste", we work together with OGG Berne and various agricultural organisations to save such food in time and process it into delicious non-perishable finished products which we sell through selected sales channels and in our online shop.

© Daniela Küffer

We save food from going to waste

This year, for the first time, we were able to process Swiss strawberries - which, for various reasons were unsuitable for the supermarket shelves -, into intensely fruity strawberry syrup. We are already working on new products. With such a variety of fruit and vegetables, we never run out of ideas. A project that is close to our hearts.
Stop Food Waste – we save food from going to waste.

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