Young Bee Colony Formation

An innovative project at the rooftop of Narimpex AG Biel.

A sustainable futuristic project

Annual loss of bee colonies is a cause for worldwide concern be it due to nature or human made. This is just another reason among many, for Narimpex to work towards the preservation of the bee, its habitat, biodiversity and small beekeeping in the context of specifically selected sustainability projects in Switzerland and abroad - with the support of the "Regional bee young colony education" project of the VFKI (Association for the Promotion of Small Beekeeping).

Since May 2018, young bee colonies have been formed on the roof of Narimpex AG in Biel/Bienne in collaboration with 2 small Biel/Bienne based beekeepers. The objective is to support regional small beekeepers to help cover their needs for bee colonies due to colony losses - e.g. in winter or other losses suffered. This ensures that small beekeeper is not dependent on the imported packaged bees from southern European countries thus reducing the bee imports sustainably.

Why does Narimpex support this project?

"Young colony formation with breeding queens is the backbone of successful beekeeping. It serves to maintain the population and to continue the desired or selected characteristics of the mother queen" - Hans Stöckli, Allschwil

The goal of every beekeeper is to keep the number of bees unchanged over the years. This means that any losses suffered (loss of colony, replacement of queens in the third year after birth, etc.) must be compensated. For small beekeepers this means permanent, annual, time-consuming process of forming young bee colony or purchase of bees; the purchase of packaged bees carries the risk of the introduction of the small hive beetle or other pests and diseases. Through the regional project from Seeland, Narimpex is able to provide meaningful support for small beekeeping and make an important contribution to the conservation of regional bees.