Honey – Strengthens your immune system

Honey – Strengthens your immune system

What is honeydew?

It is a sugar-containing substance that is excreted by plant lice, which feed on the juices of native forest trees such as spruce, oak or fir.

It is no longer possible to understand today how many millennia humans have been consuming seductive baby bee food themselves: their healing and beneficial effects should be known for at least as long. Because honey is basically antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and significantly strengthens the immune system. Here at Narimpex you can buy all sorts of tasty honey types online - and you can also find out a lot of interesting things about their origin and their healthy ingredients.

You can start with what honey is not made of: for example, it is free of fat and risk substances such as cholesterol or purines. However, the beehive god food does not contain any fiber or protein. With around 320 kilocalories per 100 grams, honey is not exactly a slimming agent, but this value is still below that of conventional table sugar.

These ingredients make honey so healthy

Instead, it is the totality of its valuable, natural ingredients that make the natural product honey so healthy. In addition to water, it consists of, for example

  • antioxidants such as phenols that lower blood pressure and improve eyesight
  • vitamins B1, B2, B3 and C, with positive effects on nerves and the immune system
  • so-called inhibins, anti-inflammatory enzymes and flavonoids
  • as well as minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron.

Above all, however, honey is made up of around 80 percent of the two natural types of sugar, fructose (fructose) and glucose (glucose). This is characterized by the fact that they pass into the blood particularly easily and thus provide the body with quick and healthy energy.

This is how flower honey, mountain honey and forest honey differ

Of course, honey is not all the same: there are many different types of honey, whose taste and consistency depend, for example, on the flowers "tapped" by the bees. Since bees are steady and only ever collect nectar or honeydew from the same plants during a flight, they themselves ensure that, for example, pure lime or rosemary honey is produced. The beekeeper only has to remember to harvest this special honey as soon as the corresponding flowers are no longer blooming, so that it does not mix with extracts from other flower sources. But honey from different flower sources has of course its own taste appeal and is available here in our online shop in many variations. Mountain honey, for example, is the result of diligent bee work on the flower-strewn meadows in the mountain regions. In contrast to this, forest honey is not extracted from the nectar of flowers, but from the so-called honeydew. Forest honey therefore tastes spicier and stronger than flower honey.