Nuts, kernels, chia seeds

Nuts, kernels, chia seeds

Chia seeds nectaflor

When you buy chia seeds from Narimpex, you are already doing a lot for your fitness. The small seeds are incredibly healthy and versatile!

Pumpkin seeds nectaflor

Pumpkin seeds can be enjoyed as a snack or added to various dishes as an aromatic ingredient: They are delicious and healthy in any case!


Sunflower seeds look rather unimpressive compared to their gold-fringed inflorescences - but they are not only great in taste!

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are the peeled seeds of a conifer tree, which have an incomparable aroma - and many valuable ingredients.


Hazelnuts have been one of the most valuable sources of nutrients for humans for thousands of years. Learn more about the reasons for this here!