Honey production

The production of honey requires a profound knowledge of the mysterious natural product honey and places the highest demands on our employees.

Our honey is carefully selected from the best growing areas in the world. We attach great importance to a close cooperation with our producers, because they guarantee us first-class natural products. As soon as the honey arrives at our production facilities, it is subjected to qualitative and quantitative controls. These controls are carried out by our specialists in our company's own laboratory in accordance with Swiss and European standards. The classification and recipe of the honey is based on the different aromas, colours and the chemical and physical results of our analyses. 

The natural honey is gently processed in a complex procedure. Automatic systems guarantee absolute hygiene when filling the precious commodity. The finished product leaves our premises in the independent, honeycomb-shaped nectaflor honey jar, which is provided with an opening guarantee seal. In this way we ensure that the finished products are not contaminated by external influences even after they have left our premises.

The honey has to rest in a monitored room for about 2 months until its final ripeness. After that further quality controls are carried out.

Production of dried fruits, nuts and kernels

Our dried fruits, nuts and kernels are carefully selected from the best growing areas in the world.

Only first-class raw materials are harvested once or twice a year for Narimpex and then gently processed. On arrival in Biel/Bienne, the raw materials are first checked for weight and then for quality. In our own modern laboratory, we then carry out extensive quality controls in accordance with Swiss and European standards. The dried fruit blends are assembled on the basis of various characteristics such as external appearance, colour, size and the chemical and physical results of our analyses.

Highest quality standards during the filling process. In order to achieve perfect quality and an optimal freshness guarantee, we pay the greatest attention to consistent atmosphere exchange inside the product bag during the filling process. This ensures that our products retain their natural taste long after purchase. We also place high demands on our packaging material. When packing our dried fruits, nuts and snacks, we only use environmentally friendly special films with maximum light and aroma protection barriers. The products are packaged gently and aroma-freshly on state-of-the-art production lines under a protective atmosphere and thus retain their optimal freshness until the bag is opened.

In order to ensure the high quality of the finished products, the freshly packed fruits are subjected to a further inspection in our laboratory. Various taste samples are taken and archived.


Production of Alpine herbs

In order to optimally preserve the aromas of the herbs, we process the fresh herbs within 24 hours after harvesting. Geographical proximity to our cultivation partners is an important success factor.

Using a special gentle vacuum drying process, the herbs are carefully and gently dried within a few hours under constant quality control. All important quality characteristics of the herbs such as colour and aroma intensity are largely retained.

The dried herbs are instant, i.e. when they come into contact with liquid again, they unfold their full aroma optimally and can be used like fresh herbs.

Gentle vacuum drying process